When was the last time you  upgraded your sports bets?

Have you noticed that technology has evolved everything around us significantly except for sports bets? Think about it, everything that matters to us has been continually updated. Yet our good-old bookmakers still hold tight to ancient ways from before planes were flying. Sure, we can now place bets form our phones, but the underlying gears that make things turn are multiple decades old. High-five grampa! It's time for a complete redesign of the entire process to finally bring Sports Bets to the times of Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, and Spotify.

A betting experience unlike anything you have tried before

BetGap is a radical new approach to placing sports bets online. We took the time to dig deep into the inner workings of bets and reimagined all the inefficiencies, frustrations and flat-out unfair aspects that locked your bets in the past. We got our hands dirty with next-gen tech to deliver you a smarter way to improve the only thing that truly matters; your ability to profit when betting online. This upgrade resulted in a complete overhaul that went well beyond the app itself and led us to become the first in the industry to dare tackle head-on the untouchable gap.