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BetGap is the first juiceless sports betting app in history. Our app delivers a simple, secure, and smart way to remove all bookmakers' fees and frustrations from your betting experience.

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The Future is Juiceless

Let's face it; technology is bypassing the need for intermediaries across industries, and online sports bets are no-exception.

Just like the apps that can get you a better ride than fetching a taxi or find you a unique place to stay instead of overpaying for a standard hotel room. Our app leverages next-gen technology and automation to remove intermediaries and everything bad that comes with them. The result is a leaner, better, and smarter way to place sports bets online that will forever change your betting experience.

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BetGap is currently in prelaunch beta mode using a test crypto-currency. So that a selected few can try the future of sports bets ahead of everyone else, with no risk whatsoever.

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